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Hydraulics and turbines add excitement

04 October 2008

Two of our helicopters are back from maintenance and feel like new. G-chap now has hydraulics on board making this R44 a dream to handle. If you were previously wrestling with the collective to hover this chopper you will now be pleased to know that finger pressure is now the order of the day. G-chap handles exceedingly well with the hydraulics and can be regarded as a new machine. She is sitting waiting for you to self fly hire or embark on an R44 conversion course.

Hydraulics on board











Also returning to the fold is our Hughes MD 500. For those of you who fancy learning to fly a turbine machine this must surely be the one to consider. It's cheaper than a jet ranger to convert to and fly. It will also carry four comfortably at a cruising speed of 130Kts.  If you are planning a long range trip then this could be the helicopter for you. Oh and don't forget: it's the helicopter you always dreamt of flying when you watched Magnum PI. Now 's your chance!

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