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December 2012 Newsletter

11 December 2012




Over the last six months we offer congratulations to the following:


Type conversions:-Ian Lowe B206


28th July 2012            R44      G-CGGS      Ryan Harding   

22nd August 2012       R44      G-OHAM      Tom Vincent

20TH September 2012   B206    G-OMDR      Ian Lowe

6th October 2012    R44      G-OHAM         Ewan Garratt   

12th October 2012      R44      G-OHAM        Mark Preece

29th November 2012   H500     G-LEEJ     Sam Davenport


1st Solo’s        

Jasmine Clarke - 1st SOLO                     

 20th June 2012             Samson Folkes

 7th September 2012    Jasmine Clarke &  Raimondo Spasiano

 17th November 2012    David Cole


Qualifying Cross Country                                                        

May 2012                    Tom Vincent

June 2012                    Ewan Garratt

October 2012               Marcus Batt






PPL Skills Test

Tom Vincent - PPL Skills Test

14th July 2012              Ewan Garratt

14th July 2012              Tom Vincent

12th October 2012         Marcus Batt

7th December 2012       Samson FolkesEwan Garratt - PPL Skills Test








CPL Skills Tests

Stu Wild





6th June 2012               Ian Rough

26th June 2012             Stuart Wild                            

Aug / Sept 2012           7 Algerian Students

5th Nov 2012                 Dave Richie




Heliflight welcomes some newcomers training for their PPLs

Sam Shepherd and Henry Binns – are both just 15 years old and hope to pass their tests on their 17th Birthdays.


Peter Dibble – A retired airline pilot taking up proper flying … better late than never in a H300 – G-BOXT


George Price – Having experienced a pleasure flight for his birthday, he just had to come back for more, who can blame him!



Boys night out to M4 Go Karting at Hullavington Airport - Wednesday 27th June (www.m4karting.com) Harry organised a small group of PPL’s to go Go-Karting at Hullavington Airport late afternoon/ early evening one summers day in June. Competitors flew down to Hullavington. Helicopters included R22/R44 and the B206. Completion was fierce; everyone in hot pursuit of each other, but Harry managed to be the overall winner, even though the computer said Jon was! As this was a great success, Harry is planning on arranging another date for a re-match. Those of you interested in participating, please let him know.


School News

OASHThe Return of G-OASH from Overhaul

July saw the return of R22 G-OASH. Having retired back in December 2010 G-OASH has been stripped down and completely overhauled and on the 20th July Jon returned her back to Gloucester.









Algerian CPL Students – August / September 12

Many of you will be aware that we completed 7 Algerian CPL students in just five weeks. Overnight we had 7 B206’s in our hangar. The upstairs of Heliflight accommodated the students with office and lounge area’s so as not to disrupt our day to day business. All ran like clockwork.

Congratulations to all.


Congratulations on the wedding of Ryan to Shannon – 8th September 2012 Ryan's Wedding

Ryan Harding managed to gain his R44 type conversion in time to fly into his own wedding. Ryan flew himself and his best man to the church and then he flew himself and his wife Shannon to the reception, which was being held at his parents’ home.

Congratulations to you both.







EASA arrives

On the 17th September we said goodbye to JAR as the new regulations of EASA came into force.

As it stands there are a few minor changes, but in general much is the same.  We will let you know of any significant changes as we discover them but at the moment it is a learning curve for us!


European Robinson Helicopter R22/R44 Flight Safety Course 29th-30th September 2012

Presenting the course was Richard Mornington-Sanford, the only UK safety expert outside the Robinson Helicopter factory. The course was a great success and we plan to run another course in the spring of 2013, dates to be confirmed. During the course students took a moment to relax and watch one of the final flight of the Vulcan bomber as it made a flypast over Gloucestershire airport.


R66Robinson R66

Heliflight are now providing hangarage and pilots for a privately owned R66. Let’s hope EASA get round to approving it sometime soon. Until then we can look but cannot touch!






Night Flying

The night flying season has just begun – the airport is open until 7.30pm on weekdays, so anyone who fancies a night flight after work, please give us a call.


The Night Qualification:-

Minimum requirements are 100 hours flight time after the issue of your PPL, including 60 hours P1 and 20 hours cross country. The course consists of a minimum of 10 hours instrument flying and 5 hours night training, including 3 hours dual instruction and 5 solo night circuits, all to be completed within 6 months.


Harry Goodwin & Carl Cooper

Harry is awaiting the results of his final ATPL exam due just before Christmas. If all goes according to plan he hopes to do his CPL flight training in the New Year. Carl Cooper, the previous owner of R44 G-ILET, has also passed his last CPL exams. Well done Harry and Carl.


Gloucestershire Airport Runway safety project and ILS installation – new obstructions at Heli-North East


Over the last few years Gloucester Airport has been making improvements to runways 27 and 09. The airport is in the final stages of installing the ILS. New runway lights have been installed and a new glidepath antenna has been erected 80m due north of the 27 centreline abeam the touchdown point.  It measures 26ft AGL, but is not yet illuminated. This new antenna is in the southern edge of Heli-north east along with a small orange/white hut. Although it is not in our designated area of Heli-north east extra care will need to be taken when crossing the runways 27/09 or when carrying out quickstops etc. 


Heliflight Teddy Bears – great Christmas gifts


Heliflight Teddy Bears are back in stock with a selection of seven different coloured jumpers. Great additions to Birthday, Christmas and Anniversary presents or just because you love a Bear!

Give a Bear a home for just £10







An update from Jon Lane:-

Heliflight is holding a pleasure flying open day on January 5th 2013. Please spread the word. Anyone wanting to buy tickets/vouchers can do so from our website.


We take this opportunity to thank you for all your support over the last 12 months and to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a great break and we’ll look forward to seeing you in 2013.


Remember you can follow Heliflight’s activities on our Facebook page

and now you can tweet on twitter on @HeliflightUK




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