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31 July 2013


Over the last six months we offer congratulations to the following:

Type conversions:-

28th March 2013 Raimondo Spasiano R44

4th May 2013 Malcolm Clarkson H500

10th May 2013 Joe Searles AS350

 31st May 2013 Adam Fawsitt E480









1st Solo's
10th April 2013 Peter Dibble

Qualifying Cross Country
26th January 2013 Raimondo Spasiano

PPL Skills Test
17th March 2013 Raimondo Spasiano 
CPL Skills Test
2nd February 2013 Harry Goodwin

FI Skills Test
8th March 2013 Carl Cooper












29th March 2013 Bart Stroobant
2nd April 2013 Joe Searles


PPL activities - many PPL's have been on various trips -

Ian Lowe has popped into Walton Hall in Stratford-upon- Avon

and Brokencote Hall, Kidderminster -

thanks for the photos Ian.

Ewan Garratt and his Dad took advantage of the weather one Sunday in June, accompanied by Jon Lane, and flew the London Heli-lanes checking out the
sights of London from the air.

Fab photo's - Thanks for sharing them


To Name a few others - the list is endless so if I have missed you off I do apologise!
Harry Goodwin - Sywell Tom Vincent - Swansea - Kemble
Mark Young - Thruxton Ross Offer & Raimondo Spasiano -Wellesbourne
Simon Jacoby - Dunkeswell Marcus Batt - Shobdon & Halfpenny Green
Ewan Garratt - Compton Abbas Harry Goodwin- Cowley Manor
Ross Offer - Billesely Manor Harry Goodwin The Stag at RedHill, Stratford
Edwin Bailey - Ascot Racecourse
Please guys - If you go anywhere interesting or take some photos, please send them on to me and I will pop them on Facebook and in our next newsletter.


School News

G-BLGV - Late in February G-BLGV went in for a make-over and 3 weeks later was transformed From this:- .......................................... to this  .................................................................. and finally this!





And was out in time for the Cheltenham Festival. Although the Festival week was generally quieter than usual, Heliflight attended all four race days with pick-ups in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Oxfordshire as well as running a shuttle service from the airfield.

Bookings are already coming in for 2014, so hopefully it will be a busy week next year.


Wedding proposals

On the short trip into Cheltenham races Jason surprised the lovely Victoria by proposing to her. Happily the smiles say it was an emphatic 'yes' and there was enough time for Jason to place a beautiful diamond ring on Victoria's finger before the engaged couple disembarked for Champagne and the Gold Cup. Nice one Jason and thank you both for sharing your special moment with us.

Night Flying Evening and BBQ

I know summer has only just begun, but a little bit of forward planning never hurts. When the clocks change back and those dark and dreary nights arrive, we thought we would add a little life back and organise an evening where you can come along and experience flying at night and to keep everyone warm a little food from the BBQ. And for those who may get hooked a reminder of the

The Night Qualification:- Minimum pre-requirements are 100 hours flight time after the issue of your PPL, including 60 hours P1 and 20 hours cross country. The course consists of a minimum of 10 hours instrument flying and 5 hours night training, including 3 hours dual instruction and 5 solo night circuits, all to be completed within 6 months

Harry Goodwin-Offshore Pillock Pilot

Many of you may know Harry left us in March to commence his Instrument Rating at the Bristow Academy and after plenty of hard graft he passed on the 16th May. Already a job offer from Bond Offshore but he has to spend 5 weeks in Florida training to fly S92s! Hard lines mate but someone has to do it. Guess we'll never finish the painting now although looking at the state of the carpet that's probably not a bad thing. Really well done and all good wishes for the future,

Open Day

  On May the 18th we celebrated the first anniversary of Heliflight returning to Jon's control with an Open Day full of activities. The weather was on our side for a change. The main event was a Navigation competition with a spot landing finish. Nick devised the course and he and John B flew it and photographed what the competitors should have found! The winners were:- Spencer York and Carl Cooper, 2nd place Ian Lowe and 3rd place Simon Jacoby. In addition to this several people ventured for a flight in the H500 with Jon displaying the aircraft's capabilities! Jules gave demonstration flights in the R66 and a number of visiting aircraft dropped in including a Cabri G2. John B kept the BBQ running from 11.30 onwards catering for everyone's needs with burgers, sausages, chicken drummers and wings and much more.


Thanks to everyone who came along and joined in the fun and to all those who helped clearing up.

With the success of this we hope to plan another fun packed day later in the year -follow us on Facebook for updates.

An update from Jon Lane:-

As ever, many thanks for your continued support especially since Heliflight regained its independence. Despite the recession things have remained steady and, if anything, charter inquiries have been increasing over the past few months. The JetRanger and R44s have been busy at the Cheltenham Festival, Ascot and Epsom, and there have been plenty of pleasure flights and wedding charters, not to mention Glastonbury and The British Grand Prix. Our long list of celebrity passengers also increased with a charter for Clare Balding. And anybody who is anybody now knows that the only way to arrive at the school prom in style is by helicopter! But we can always do more so please continue exercise the privileges of your licence and join in our special events.

Moving forward, in addition to teaching RT, we intend to introduce in-house examination. The kit is installed and Candia is studying hard towards her Radiotelephony Examiner's Certificate. Her application is in so fingers crossed..!

And, as it now says in the car park - ‘Thank you for flying with Heliflight'. We look forward to seeing more of you in the summer months.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook.
You can also tweet us on @HeliflightUK

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