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Heliflight appreciates feedback from all our valued customers on the services that we provide.


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Customer Reviews

Thank you for all your reviews :-) 




David Martin - Posted 1st March 2018

This was my first time ever in a helicopter and it couldn't have been a better introduction. The principles of rotary wing flight were clearly explained in a pre-flight briefing then demonstrated in the air. After that I was gradually given control, one control at a time. This meant that I was never overwhelmed by the process and felt comfortable at every stage. I got to fly over the beautiful countryside and, on return to the airfield, even got introduced to controlling the aircraft in a hover. My instructor was excellent and gave me just the right amount of independence, coupled with the confidence that she was there to support me at all times.

Most excellent experience and thoroughly recommended

David Roy Smith - Posted - 24th February 2018

Thank you Candia for full filling a wonderful 70th birthday present from my wife.
I had "control" for far longer than I was anticipating probably close on 40 to 50% it seemed. Flew down the Severn across in front of the old Severn Bridge and then back along the southern side past Berkeley, Slimbridge and up the Sharpness canal into Gloucester. Finished off with an attempt at hovering which was as difficult as I had imagined. A great afternoon.


Nick Cronin - Posted 7th February 2018

Great experience, can't wait to do it again.


Karen Price - Posted 24th January 2018

Hi there

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Heliflight for making last Friday a day to remember. it was a surprise present for my Dads 80th birthday and he enjoyed every minute of the flight including flying over his beloved Slimbridge football pitch. He was born and grew up in Slimbridge and it was lovely for him to see the area from above. We were fortunate to have the brightest, clearest and the pilot was friendly and informative pointing out many local landmarks and points of interest to us all. Many thanks again and I would highly recommend this experience to anyone for a special occasion. Dad says he looking forward to doing the same again for his 90th 



Tony Williams - posted 10th December 2017

I recently took the hover challenge with Heliflight. The whole experience was absolutely fantastic from arriving there to flying the helicopter. I would thoroughly recommend this company to anyone.


Gary Hunt - Posted 9th December 2017

An unexpected 60th birthday prezzie. Was slightly apprehensive at first but Candia quickly put me at ease and the longer we flew the more confident I became. As a drummer the control syncopation wasn't too much of a problem but the senstitive nature of the cyclic stick was an "eye opener"....Huge respect to Candia and the like :-).

As a unique experience I would highly recommend.


Jenny Daw - posted 22nd September 2017

We took my mum for a heli ride for her 70th birthday. Mum absolutely loved her flight and said it was the best birthday she'd ever had. The crew allow you to tailor your flight to some degree, so we were able to fly over mum's house in Thronbury, which she really enjoyed. All in all a good memorable afternoon out!


Lisa Bingley - posted 15th September 2017

Brilliant hour's flight and training in a Robinson R22. I was extremely nervous at first but Candia kept me calm!. We flew north around the Malvern Hills then towards tewkesbury, Cleeve hill and Cheltenham. It was great to see so many local landmarks and places I had already visited - but this time form the sky! It was an amazing experience and I would definately recommend to all. 


John Roberts - posted 23rd August 2017

I booked Heliflight as a novel way of celebrating my wife's birthday and together with our son we had a terrific 45 minuite flight down to Bristol over our house. The pilot was extremely helpful pointing out landmarks along the way and easily found our house which was a uniquie and exciting experience. The only slight disappointment was not to be able to overfly thr Clifton suspension bridge but realise this was due to restrictions on the day. But in summary, a brilliant birthday treat that my wife (and step-son) enjoyed enormously, facilitated by a very friendly and proffesional pilot. I would have no hesitation in using Heliflight again or recommending them to friends and family. 


Chris Jarman - posted 17th August 2017

What an amazing trip. We bought a family 30 minute trip as a Christmas present, and it was wonderful. The organisation was first class and all the members of helifligth were smart, courteous and helpful. The kids loved the trip and want to do another one as soon as possible. 


Ian Cooper - posted 6th August 2017

A birthday gift from my family - and what a gift it was! Candia absolutely oozed confidence - from the moment we strapped ourselves in I knew this was going to be a day to remember. We flew north along the M5 corridor to just south of Droitwich, then west towards and eventually over the Malvern hills before heading south towards the Severn Estuary. Then east over Gloucester and passed south of Staverton towards Up Hatherley where I was able to spot my house. A minute or so later we were back at Staverton and into a hover when Candia asked me to take control of the cyclic to try and maintain it - my efforts were not pretty. The whole experience left me wanting more, so I am sure I will be back soon.


William Mathers - posted 31st May 2017

Technical and flying information well presented and recievied. Looking forward to the next lesson


Dave Smith - posted 18th May 2017

Excellent training flight with Candia who was both professional and informative. Can't wait for my next flight when funds allow. Used to fly with Heliflight at Halfpenny Green, still a welcoming company and well worth the trip to Gloucester. Fantastic setup and thanks to everyone. 


Jason Saunders-Harding - posted 24th January 2017

I can't say whether it was value for money as I didn't pay as it was a 50th birthday surprise. What I can say is what an awesome and exhilarating experience. I've wanted to do this for years and I now I have. It was the best pressie. Our pilot was friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

The whole experience from walking in the door to leaving was amazing!!!!! Would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Thank you for an amazing time.


Hugh Raynor - posted 4th December 2016

As a lover of aviation both simulated and real, I received a trial lesson as a present. I was greeted by John, who was very professional and has a clear passion and desire to share his interest with customers. My instructor Harry, then introduced himself and gave me a quick briefing, which not only enabled me to refresh my understanding and ask questions, but also enabled him to gauge the Ievel I was at and deliver the lesson accordingly. Harrys style of teaching was impeccable, and he went a long way to make me feel I was in control of the aircraft, taking time to boost my confidence and make a note of my successes too. After my flight John was more than happy to stand and chat about flying, there was no hurry to get us out of the door once we were done. The only issue I left Heliflight UK with is being unsure of how, as a university student, I'm going to fund my PPL (H), which I will certainly do with them!

Anne Corrigan - posted 5th October 2016

Had a great day with the Heliflight team. Fab lady instructor who obviously had years of experience. Explained everything really well. The experience was a gift and I received a booklet with the flight/training day voucher - would highly recommend you read it before going if its your first time. Will definitely be going again.


Richard Blair - posted 25th September 2016

We both enjoyed our flight in the R44 very much indeed. It was the highlight of our holiday and we are both still smiling now. I just wish I was young (and sharp) enough to gain my PPL (H)!

Best wishes Richard and Christine.


Ian Greenow - posted 20th Septmber 2016

Had a really fantastic day. My trial lesson helicopter flight was a birthday present from my lovely wife. It exceeded my expectations and everyone at Heliflight was great. 

The weather was perfect and Candia was so professional and made the flight so interesting and enjoyable.

Many thanks for a great time.



David Sleet - posted 14th September 2016

My wife bought me this 45 minute flight as an anniversary present. It was amazing. The staff were very friendly and professional, and the weather was great. Totally different from fixed wing flying. If you want a great fun experience, then look no further. Thanks to all at Heliflight for a great experience.


Simon Smith - posted 6th September 2016

Really enjoyed my helicopter flight with Candia. We first started with basic principles of helicopter controls in the classroom, before moving out to the helicopter.

We moved off the airfield, over my house in a nearby village and eventually I was able to handle the controls. Starting off with the cyclic, then the pedals and finally the collective. Hovering at 2000ft in the air seems easy enough, then after a good hour we return to the airfield to try some hovering.

I will be back to master the hover, its not so easy, more tuition needed! Everyone was charming, especially my instructor, saving my pocket money for helicopter lessons.


Viv Sheehy - posted 28th July 2016

This was one of the less costly flights Ive done, but one of the best. The staff and pilot were friendly and helped with photo's ( I was on my own). Flying a helicopter is completely unkile an a fixed wind aircraft, give it a go!!



Penny Vigus - posted May 2016

The flight was fantastic. We will come again soon, far better than I thought it would be! I am still talking about it! Also recommended to all my friends on facebook. The experience was out of this world. Also thank you for the kind hospitality and your gift of the photograph and folder.


Jayne Wintter - posted 19th May 2016

This was a birthday surprise from my husband and we took our 23yr old daughter along in the spare seat.  Was a little apprehensive having never flown in a helicopter before but felt quite at ease and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Requested that we flew over our house, up to Worcester and then back over the Malvern's which we did, very smoothly. Can certainly recommend this as a lovely treat and hopefully would like to repeat it at some future point.

Claire Lewis - posted 15th April 2016 

Absolutely brilliant fantastic experience. Highly recommend it to anyone. Relaxed atmosphere. Warm welcome for me and friends and family that came and watched. Candia is a brilliant pilot, explained everything then off we went. Explained the logics of how and what works. Got chance to fly and then the challenge of hovering at the end before we landed. Didn't want it to end, definitely would like to do it again. Very very happy. 

Graham Miles - posted 6th April 2016 

This was a birthday present from my wife a half hour introductory helicopter flight on an R22. We arrived early, but due to unforeseen circumstances they were running slightly late, the ground crew made us feel welcome and told us a bit about the place. When the instructor arrived I spent a few minutes in an office being show the mechanics of helicopter flight along with a model helicopter so that when we took to the air I would know what did what. The Instructor was helpful and talkative both on the ground and in flight where I had the opportunity to fly the helicopter and later on practice hovering. As this was only the second time I had flown which the instructor was no aware of until I mentioned it as we were flying over Gloucester I felt completely at ease. This is something that I would like to try again perhaps a little longer than 30 minutes as time seemed to fly and I would go back to the same people.

Amanda Taylor - posted 2nd March 2016

Made to feel welcome and fully explained everything. 
Really enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend.


Paul Bolton - posted 1st March 2016

Really enjoyed the day. Even the rain didn't spoil the experience. Friendly staff. Put you at ease. Looking forward to my next lesson, very soon. A big thank you


Robert Stackhouse - posted 20th January 2016

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and all was handled very professionally. A briefing before boarding the aircraft followed by a full explanation of the controls once we were in situ. I was then able after take-off to handle each of the control systems individually before being allowed to take full control and actually fly it myself. I found that it took all my concentration to control it.  I am full of admiration for professional Helicopter Pilots. It is no easy job. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had and would recommend anyone to try it at Heliflight. 


Pete CG- posted 15th June 2015.

An incredible experience with the fantastic team at Heliflight UK, I booked another immediately afterwards for my dad and will be joining them again myself in the near future!


Nick Dudley - posted 30th April 2015.Had my first helicopter lesson with Heliflight that my wife had bought me for my 50th. Candia was great she made me feel at ease. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and can't wait to do it again, so thank you Heliflight! 



J De Grunchy from Jersey posted 17th April 2015
Booked as a treat for my 60th birthday. We arrived and received a lovely welcome from John. There was a slight delay due to weather conditions which was unavoidable but we were kept occupied during the wait with a tour of the hanger and interesting information. We told Candia (our pilot) what we were most interested in seeing during our 45 min flight and she didn't disappoint. Although we were nervous to start with Candia quickly put us at ease prior to take off. We saw everything we wanted to see and more, took some great photos and can't wait to go again. Thank you Heliflight x.


David Izard - posted 5th April 2015 

Had a great day. Thank you to all and Candia was so calm.


Matthew Hall - posted 2nd December 2014

15th Nov' was my first lesson in a rotorcraft, and I had expectations from fixed wing experience. All told, it was an amazing, tailored experience from clearly well seasoned professionals (6,500 hours, I believe). An absolute joy. My only lament being how I can afford to continue the training from a financial perspective. Put simply, the best, most informed fun I've had in a while. Candia is a credit to the firm; to be recommended!


Abbi Beavis  posted 18th October 2014Amazing afternoon yesterday for my husbands 40th birthday treat. We had a half hour flight to our house in Charfield and back with our 3year old son, finished off with a coffee at the Aviation Cafe watching planes and helicopters land and take off. Staff all lovely and friendly. Amazing sights, lovely photos, great memories. Thanks so much x


John Hainsworth - posted 17th October 2014

As a Golden Wedding Anniversary present from our children, we were given a 45/50mns helicopter flight from Gloucester airport down to South Glos. And over the area where we were born, attended school and our wedding church. It could not have been a better present on such a day. The flight route requested by our children was flown exactly as asked, and at only 1500ft, we were able to clearly see all the places that brought back many happy memories. The pilot talked to us about what we could see, was very friendly in sharing our special day and obviously an extremely experienced and competent helicopter pilot. Neither my wife or myself felt unsafe at any time and would recommend this flight experience to people of all ages - helicopter. Re value for money, our flight was a present and a super at that!!


David Robinson - posted 10th September 2014

My wife and family had an excellent pleasure flight with Heliflight. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and the pilot was very accommodating, flying over all the landmarks my wife had requested. Helicopter flights are undoubtedly expensive, and since this is a bit of a one-off, quite hard to judge against the competition (not that there is any locally), but it seems to have been well worth it. 


Karen Farr - posted 13th August 2014

I had the most fabulous time. A very professional pilot who made me feel 100% safe and comfortable as it was my first time in a helicopter! I left feeling....I want to go again!!!! Fantastic experience

Nathaniel Bulmer - posted 6th August 2014

I had a 45 minute trail flight for a birthday present. I came up from London so when it rained on the day of the flight I was slightly worried. I phoned and was able to re arrange the flight for the next morning - exceptional customer service!! On the day of the flight the pilot was extremely nice and patient giving me a full experience and actually letting me fly instead of always have hold of the controls. However he was always on hand if it got out of control. An excellent experience that was fully enjoyed! 

David and Sharon Packer - posted 31st July 2014 

Service second to none.
Our flight was cancelled on Saturday 19th July due to bad weather and low cloud but we were able to rearrange for the next day even though there was an Airfield Open Day.
Staff were very helpful and our Pilot was fantastic. The flight was very smooth!
We were able to fly over everywhere we wanted; family dwellings in Chepstow and Itton, the church we were married in at Itton. Carrying on up the Wye Valley over Tintern, The Anchor where we had our wedding reception and Tintern Abbey. Then to Monmouth and back to Gloucester Via Symonds Yat.
What an unforgettable treat and a great day out. Thanks to my children and their families for buying me the flight for my 60th birthday.
A huge Thank You to everyone involved at Heliflight UK Ltd, we would thoroughly recommend them to everyone.


Dave Williams - posted 18th July 2014

Had a one hour taster lesson flying an R22 (a birthday present) and it was great! The instructor was excellent and very patient with my attempts at hovering. On top of that, the ground crew were very friendly and chatted away to my partner and showed her round the hangar while I was in the air, so she had a lovely time too. Highly recommend Heliflight!


Craig Simmonds - posted 18th July 2014

Amazing experience, took my stepfather for his 75th birthday. Candia was terrific...even chased a steam train along the track so he could get great pics as he is a railway fanatic. It was is first time in a helicopter and it could not have been better. Would recommend these guys to anyone, a really professional outfit. 


Claire Medland - posted 15th July 2014

Thoroughly enjoyed my first flight, supported by an excellent instructor... Would definitely recommend. 


Nigel Gigg - posted 28th June 2014

Excellent experience and instruction. Loved it.


Karen Roberts - posted  13th June 2014

I was treated to a trial lesson for my 21st birthday. It was such an amazing experience, made even better by friendly staff and a brilliant pilot, Candia. I now have the flying-bug and want to go again! Thank you Heliflight for giving me the most memorable day.


Guy Douglass - posted 11th June 2014 

This was one of the best birthday presents I've ever been given. I'm 50 (and I've never been in a helicopter before) and I now want to fly a helicopter properly. Despite rainy weather the lesson was a superb introduction to what could become a bit of an obsession. I am now squirrelling away money to save up for more. Maybe I'll even work towards my licence to fly one of these things properly; how cool would that be?!?Thanks to Candia and the crew for being so welcoming, putting me at my ease and reassuring me that helicopters don't just "fall out of the sky" but - contrary to urban myth - gently glide down to the ground in the event of loss of engine power: phew! Loved every minute of it 


Jason Smikle - posted 4th June 2014

I booked the Helliflight for my Husbands birthday. May 31st 2004. The staff were friendly and informative. I would highly recommend as flying over Gloucester was a great experience. 


Trethanna Trevarthen - posted 4th June 2014
This experience was a dream come true for me, to finally take the controls of a helicopter was at the top of my wish list for years. My instructor Stewart was great at explaining things, and put me at ease while letting me take control. I now know for sure that doing my PPL H is a priority, which of course will be done through Helifight. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to fly, or just go for a flight, contact Heliflight for a friendly and very professional service. Thanks very much again, David. 


Steve Lucas - posted 30th May 2014

A great experience. I was expecting just a helicopter ride but ended up flying for a period of the time the dual control helicopter with excellent supervision. The pilot Candia was excellent as she explained the controls and supervised me carrying out several manoeuvres. The whole experience left me wanting to do it again. 


Paul Yea - Posted 19th May 2014

This was a gift for my 60th birthday and I have to say it was a superb experience. Heliflight were great hosts and the flying experience was second to none. 


Gagandeep Bhogal - Posted 17th April 2014

I learnt to fly some years ago through Heliflight (UK)and obtained a PPL (H) licence on the R22 at the age of 18. Unfortunately, due to having epilepsy I was unable to keep my hours in and no longer fly today. Now being 32, I still miss the school and the people from the impact that they had on me. I would highly recommend this company for any enthusiast who is either looking for a trial lesson/lessons. All staff are very professional and thorough in what they teach. They are very open and approachable. In addition, safety is key and no shortcuts are ever taught. I can say this confidently as when I began flying it was with another school, who taught many bad habits. I am glad that I found this company. 


John Harris - posted 4th March 2014

A really enjoyable day. If you have thought about a trial flight, you won't be disappointed. Great fun and a very professionally run outfit. Highly recommended.    


Stuart Greaves - Posted February 2014

A review from Stuart Greaves from the Isle of Mann:-The introductory day to the R22 was truly memorable. I would advise anyone thinking of giving this a go to call Heliflight and arrange a flight.
Candia (Instructor) was very informative and gave me great confidence.
Must do it all again!

Glenn Smith - Posted 28th January 2014
Gloucester Fantastic experience, and would recommend to anyone who has never tried it before. From the initial greeting to the end of the experience it was a joy. 

Mrs E Taylor - Posted 5th November 2013

On arrival we enjoyed a cup of coffee and were able to ask if we could fly over our own house.
It was amazing to see our town from the air and even our little house and other places of interest.
The pilot made us feel relaxed and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was a day to remember forever! Many, many thanks to everyone involved.


David Hammond - Posted 4th November 2013

Amazing helicopter ride - very professional pilot calmed all of my nerves and the only disappointment was having to get out once the flight was finished.  


David Porter - Posted 16th October 2013

I received a trial flight lesson voucher from my family for my 70th. Birthday. The staff were very courteous and informative; my pilot James did everything he could to make my lesson enjoyable and informative. Many thanks to all involved.

Jane Bennett - Posted 18th September 2013

Thank you so much Candia for the wonderful flight last Friday. A magical
experience. A super birthday surprise and one I will remember for a long
time. Our pictures will remind us of this super trip.


James Williams - Posted 9th September 2013

What a great experience!
I didn't know quite what to expect. I wondered how much control I would get of the helicopter itself during the lesson seeing as though it was my first time in the cockpit, but I really did get a good go at flying the beast!
Instructions were clear, and I felt really happy giving it a go knowing the pilot next to me was ready to take back control when she needed to. 
Maybe the next flight will be a full hour. I was buzzing all day


Maggie Davis - Posted 8th September 2013

I enjoyed this flight so much! I was only interested in taking photos from the air, rather than learning to fly the machine, and the instructor was happy to do this. We went from Staverton Gloucester, down the Wye Valley towards Monmouth, then over to Lydney, which is my home town. Then we flew up the River Severn to Gloucester. It was so interesting and a whole new experience and perspective for me. I can't unfortunately upload photos, as all of mine are too big, but I took a lot of really good ones and am so pleased with them. It was just a wonderful experience, and I would do it again. 


 Lorna Wilson - Posted 29th August 2013

Thank you for enabling us to give our son a birthday present he will always remember. He enjoyed every single minute of the experience and was so impressed with Candia as an instructor. As a family we thoroughly enjoyed being able to share it with him which was facilitated by the friendly atmosphere and professionalism of Heliflight UK. We wish they were situated nearer to where we live. Thank You for a great time.



Richard Williams - Posted 23rd August 2013

Fantastic flight. Really enjoyed every moment. Just makes me want to do my PPL! Many thanks to all. 


Kate Weaver - Posted 19th August 2013 

Had a great time and would love to do it again 


Glyn Morris - Posted 12th June 2013.

I really enjoyed my Helicopter Flying Experience from pre-flight briefing to the flying experience itself. Candia made me feel at ease all the way through and I can fully recommend to anyone looking for a surprise present or any budding pilots out there..


Anthony Harrison - Posted 29th May 2013

A birthday treat, and we were very lucky with the weather. Enjoyed it loads!


Lucy King -Posted 28th May 2013

Absolutely fantastic. I have been lucky enough to have been given Heliflight vouchers for birthdays and Christmas etc. I have always enjoyed the flights. Being given the choice of where to go is wonderful. My last flight on Saturday was perfect. Well done to all at Heliflight. I am usually hard to please!


Roy Collins - Posted 10th May 2013 

The trip was a 70th birthday gift, at 70 your responses are not particularly honed, but Stewart the pilot was so patient and sensitive to my needs. It was an awesome experience try to control the helicopter Stewart balanced my mistakes without fuss and encouraged me throughout. Thank you so much Stewart and Helliflight.


John Gilliveray - Posted 9th May 2013

Pleasant staff on the day, easy to chat to especially as a first time helicopter flight. The staff and pilot were very happy to oblige my wife with time to take photos to remember the day before take-off. Pilot for the short time was brilliant and very accommodating in taking me where I would easily recognise landmarks and give time to take my own photos. The icing was actually getting over the nerves to have a go and pilot the helicopter, again made possible by the obvious love of flight the pilot has.
An experience I recommend and look forward to a time I can take up more lessons.


Graham Blakeman - Posted 22nd April 2013

Informative and entertaining, the majority of the event was based on practical experience. More time to practice hovering would be great, but I will try this again soon as I will be booking again ASAP.


Vikki Mann - Posted 17th April 2013 A fantastic experience! Everyone at Heliflight was extremely welcoming and the flight was thrilling. The pilot was really friendly and she gave me the confidence to have several goes at flying. My trial flight was bought for me as a 40th birthday gift and have raved about it to all my friends ever since! A great idea for a special present. I just need to save up now to get my licence! Highly recommended.


Simon & Karen Golledge - Posted 7th March 2013

What a FAB experience. This was a surprise from my husband and I was very nervous but I needn't have worried as Candia was brilliant. She was so lovely and made me feel at ease. Would highly recommend this experience, in fact I recommended Heliflight to a work colleague today. Thank you so much :). 


Jennifer Worthington - Posted 22nd February 2013

 Very professional service during booking and on the day of flying. Friendly knowledgeable pilot who flew over all the areas we had asked for and more! Fantastic value and a great experience


Karen Gwilliam Posted 30th January 2013

A big thank you to everyone at Heliflight uk for an amazing experience. We were bought the helicopter flight as a Christmas present and were promptly booked in for the 12th January, when we arrived the staff were friendly, polite and reassuring. Jon the pilot was very knowledgeable of the area we flew over. We really enjoyed ourselves, thank you. Karen, Conor and Marian.


Richard Townshend- Posted 9th January 2013

I received a trial flight/lesson as a gift. Before getting in the helicopter Candia gave a quick overview of the controls, procedures, and the basics of helicopter flight. We then took off and flew over my local town and even managed to fly over my house! I then had a chance to try the controls which was fun. Towards the end of the flight I had a go at hovering near ground level, which unfortunately I wasn't too good at! Overall the experience was fantastic and Candia was a great instructor. I am definitely tempted to give it another go sometime! 


Dave Thomas - Posted 3rd December 2012

This introduction to flying a helicopter was so good if I had the money I would do it every week. I'll just have to save hard and have lessons as and when I can afford it


Richard Sumner - Posted 7th November 2012****

I attended for an experience gift of a trial helicopter lesson. My instructor was Candia. Firstly my instructor was excellent, very patient, and explained everything in easy to understand terms. She was an excellent ambassador for the company. The overall experience was brilliant. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to fly with this company. 

James Paxton - Posted 17th September 2012 ****  

Had a great hour session with Candia, looking at each of the flight controls individually then used together, climbing, descending, turning, then some auto- rotations, before heading back for some landing practice and hovering. Very addictive, and made a great change from aeroplanes - I'm almost a convert! Staff on site were a pleasure. 


Rob Twitchen - Posted 5th September 2012*****

I was made to feel very welcome at Heliflight. The lesson was a great experience with my instructor explaining things all the way. 
High recommended and I will definitely be back for more. 
Thanks guys. 

Richard Vivan- Posted 11th August 2012 *****

Excellent. The pilot briefed me before very well and continued talking me through it as we flew. I was really thrilled to actually hold the controls to fly and to hover rather than just be flown around. It all finished too quickly. Totally different. Best thing I've done for a long time and I am a thrill seeker.

Jasmine Clarke - Posted 31st July 2012 *****

With my Dad being a pilot I've grown up around the aviation world; I'm coming up to completing my PPL(A) flight training and helicopters have always been considered by my fellow fixed wing pilots as the 'dark side'. Through my job I managed to be lucky enough to go up in the Police helicopter for familiarisation and instantly thought 'Woah, I have to have a go at this!'. I booked a 60 min trial lesson in an R44 and loved every minute of it; John was a great instructor, the sights were beautiful and the weather fantastic! Subsequently, i'm returning to Heliflight next weekend to start my PPL(H)! I would highly recommend to anyone! Thanks guys! 


Jacky Chick - Posted 18th July 2012 *****

Heliflight really helped me out when my son's birthday flight was cancelled at short notice by another company.
They booked us in at short notice and we really enjoyed it. My son said it was really "cool"
Thanks Heliflight. 


Chris Lees - Posted 12th June 2012****

Everything I expected from a first flight. I was taken for a 30-minute flight by Jon in a Robinson R22 with a very detailed description of the aircraft, flight principles and what was going on. During the flight I was given the opportunity to learn and experiment with each control individually and when landing was asked to touch down while the pilot controlled cyclic and yaw. 

Brian Hollett - Posted 29th May 2012****

Absolutely brilliant experience with a very friendly and helpful pilot.

Well organised and length of flight maybe a little longer than booked. Details of what to expect and points of interest along the way well explained, flexibility on 'where to go' very good. No doubt trip enhanced by exceptional clear weather but would certainly go with Heliflight again. Only criticism was that my wife's headphones made her uncomfortable with the amount of background chatter going on. Must say I didn't notice that, but maybe Heliflight should give the option of a pair of earplugs to people who want to enjoy the experience in quiet.
Thanks for a good morning.


Shane Hooper - Posted 29th May 2012 ****

Really enjoyed my taster lesson. Everything was explained really well before and during the flight. Highly recommend people to have a go. Thanks



PHarding    Phil Harding - Posted 16th May 2012 ****

I thought before I attended that there would be a ground school brief but as this was done in the heli it was very relevant. This was a 60th birthday present from my children and although there was a breeze, the day was prefect for them to also enjoy my experience. The R22 was ideal for training as it is a simple heli and as I already have 150 hours on fixed wing planes I was able to concentrate on the purely technical aspects of flying this machine. It was great fun although not very intuitive with all the control movement inputs being very small and precise, but then I never expected it to be easy. The low level hovering was very difficult to master and I'd like to have some more goes at improving that but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.


Martin Anthorn *****

One of the best experiences I have had, Certainly given me the bug to fly more often. The Staff and Pilot were very helpful and made my day one to remember.

Many Thanks and See You soon

Keith Myatt - Posted 14th April 2012 ****

Great experience, cant wait to go back

Adam Rush - Posted 27th March 2012 *****

Absolutely brilliant experience, can not recommend enough. The hour experience was a full hour in the air. My instructor was excellent and I can't wait to go again

Steven symonds - Posted 17th February 2012 ****

Really enjoyable flight and far far more interactive than i had expected

Ritchie Best - Posted 7th February 2012 ****

I had a great flight, The team managed to fit me in despite it starting to snow. My instructor was brilliant, she gave me a quick and simple briefing, before running through the controls pre-flight in the R22. I had a a really interactive flight and got to take the controls for a lot of the flight... I was even given a number of chances at practicing the hover!!! very tricky... Thoroughly enjoyed my flight and really learnt a lot. Thank you very much, Ritchie. :-)

Alex P - Posted 1st February 2012 ****

An excellent experience. I had a half-hour lesson/trial flying an R22 helicopter and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The whole process felt a little rushed but the costs involved enforce this to a great extent. The land based tuition could perhaps be slightly less rushed but there can be no doubting the professionalism of everyone at Heliflight and especially the experience of my tutor. I came away having had a thoroughly enjoyable half hour, with a lot of respect for the ability of the trainer (and helicopter pilots in general!) and very tempted to book myself another lesson in the near future. Alex

Mike Ball- Posted 24th January 2012 *****

I have been meaning to compile this report for several months now (its a busy life). Really want to share this experience as I think it would encourage others to do the same. I am 60 and fly anything I can lay my hands on. Started on Cessna 152,s and have flown about 12 different types including twins and an Extra 300, solo-ing on in Robin 1260i. under the NPPL scheme. Some years back got interested in Rotary and have (fairly low) hours on the wonderful Robinson R22. (thanx Capt. Patrick Newton and Capt. Tony Gilson at Heliair Wales for their excellent training). At this point I need to mention that I have a very restrictive disability being very deaf. Having read an excellent article in an old "Pilot" magazine about turbine conversion I tried to set in motion a plan to experience the same. As the article featured the Bell Jetranger I was now well and truly hooked. As a twice yearly visitor to Dudley I found to my delight the lovely Airfield Halfpenny Green, now with the smart name of Wolverhampton Buisness Airport. It was here I found Heliflight and was immediately impressed with, well everything about them really, their very fine premises (with integral hanger, upstairs lounge with viewing terrace), offices, their very friendly, helpful and professional staff and last but not least their fleet of aircraft. Because of my hearing problem I could only make the final arrangements by text and email, in this I am grateful to Capt. Joe Searles and the other staff for their efficient help. My flight was with Capt. Jules Fellows. I was really impressed with how he coped with my hearing loss, quickly working out what my abilities were, having listened to my background, also picking up quickly on my flying capabilities. I had done a great deal of research before hand which was a great help but Jules added to that with much more valuable information. In fact he allowed me to do more than I had dared to hope for, including the start up (an experience not to be missed) autorotations, landings and take off,s. He even picked up my video camera at one stage so I also have a record of my flight. Next time im in Dudley in Aug I will definitely be wanting to visit Heliflight again. If all this sounds a bit over the top, I can assure you im not on their payrole, I am merely an aviation addict as we all are, I have never made any report before about anything so I think you can imagine the impact this experience had on me. Thanx Heliflight, especially Joe and Jules, hope to see you again soon, Mike Ball.

Alex Forbes - Posted 22nd December 2011 *****

I used Heliflight for a pleasure flight as a surprise to propose to my girlfriend. The team at Heliflight were more than happy to help with my unusual request and spent a great deal of time working out the plan. As with any aviation hobby issues with one aircraft where quickly resolved and they worked out a solution. On the day everything went to plan and the team were fantastic. Some great souvenirs added to the experience. I would highly recommend using them again for any Helicopter activities.


Dave Yearsley - Posted 16th December 2011 *****

On Saturday 10th December 2011 by Dave Yearsley. I can honestly say I would give 10 out of 10 for my Introduction Day. I enjoyed the flying experience to the full!! The review of the day was put into full perspective by Captain Keith Evans. The controls of the Robinson R22 were described in the pre flight briefing, and I was able to fly the helicopter using Cyclic, Collective, and Pedals. I found the combination of keeping the helicopter flying, observing the air speed, looking out for other aircraft very demanding but very rewarding. I can remember over compensating the Cyclic control and can remember the advice from Keith. Select! Hold! Adjust! There was alot to take in and you also learn alot about your own character. To understand, be patient, and try to put into practice and be determined to succeed. The end of the day we put the R22 into the hanger and Keith kindly gave me advice on buying a Rotocraft Book. I will booking further training early next year. Starting in February 2012. I left Heliflight on saturday afternoon with a big smile on my face, giving myself a little more confidence. So to Keith, Joe, Helen, Robert and Everyone else at Heliflight have a great Christmas and I will see you all next year for further training.


Andy Birch - Posted 10th December 2011 *****

I could not believe from never having even sat in a helicopter previously i was about to go up in the air & actually be allowed to fly one myself with the aid of the R22's dual controls. My instructor Captain Alan Austin made me feel instantly at ease with precise & easy to understand instruction.
After only a short briefing we were in the air & Alan showed me which controllers did what & explained how little movement was necessary to make the R22 respond. Within no time Alan gave me control of just the foot pedals turning both left & right & then concentrating on balancing the pedals to keep the helicopter pointing in one direction without turning. Next i was given control of just the collective & practised up & down movements including landing & taking off & hovering. Then surprisingly i was given control of the foot pedals & the collective together which even though i say so myself i soon grasped the hang of it. Next i was given control of the cyclic stick. This i found to be extremely sensitive but again with a little practise it became easy enough to control & Alan remarked on how easily i seemed to grasp the sensitivity. We then had a good fly around with Alan at the controls but giving me the collective to choose a height i felt comfortable with. When we got back to the airfield i was given the controls again one & two at a time & we went through a few turns & landings/Taking off & hovering. Then the most surprising thing happened in that i was asked if i wanted to take all of the controls together. This made me feel great in that Alan must of felt comfortable enough for me to do so whilst obviously he could still take control should i not be able to control it if things did not go well. Even though i felt very comfortable with all of the controls one at a time or two together i personally felt like i needed mere time to take all three together but it was a fantastic feeling to have been given the opportunity should i of chosen to do so. All in all i had the best experience i have ever had & would say to anyone who can afford it, Try it you will not be disappointed. I will certainly be having another go as soon as i can afford to do so. After my experience i was taken for a look around the hanger & invited to sit in the other helicopters. A thoroughly fantastic experience day & one i will never forget. Thanks guys you made my birthday a very special day indeed

Owen March - Posted 29th November 2011  *****

I finally got round to booking this 60 minute taster that was a 2010 Christmas present! While an expensive gift, if you consider running costs, depreciation and pilot time, its not really that bad.

The briefing was simple but thorough and we were soon in the air. Candia showed me the basics and I was soon in control. After an enjoyable buzz around the countryside at up to 90mph we still had 10 minutes to have ago at hovering. Some of the controls were relatively easy to master apart from the collective which I could anticipate taking quite some time...

Overall a great experience!

Martin Parker - Posted 7th November 2011  *****                              I was extremely impressed with the instructor's clear guidance and capability. She handled the aircraft beautifully and precisely and with a degree of confidence I have rarely seen in my 10 years in fixed wing. This being only my 2nd hour on rotary I was somewhat surprised and thrilled to be allowed to land, take off and hover, she clearly had incredible confidence in her own ability to recover my mistakes. I wasn't surprised to learn that Candia had around 5000 hours on rotary and will be my first choice for training for my PPL(H).

Kenneth Johnson - Posted 2nd November 2011 *****

Everything we asked for and more was done on our 30min flight round Worcestershire, our 6 year old grandson was over the moon and cant wait to do it again, have recommended you to all our friends thank you very much.

Stephen Williams- Posted 21st September 2011 ****

Half hour flight in an R22. Parking simple and convenient. The flight was great fun with plenty of time at the controls. If there had been more time would love to have let the pilot show me what it could do, as we were flying well within the heli's performance envelope. Got this as a present so can't comment on value for money, but am sure it was worth it. 


Bob Breeze - Posted 21st September 2011 *****

Excellent first time helicopter flight experience. The amount of information was difficult to absorb over a thirty minute lesson, but was handled expertly by an extremely capable pilot and teacher. I was impressed with the flying capability of such a small aircraft and felt comfortable throughout the flight.


Mark Hendel - Posted 10th Sept 2011 *****

Heliflight come highly recommended after my fling experience, a friendly relaxed but highly professional operation. My briefing was conducted my Candia who is a true credit to her profession, we concluded the flight briefing and went flying!,
A truly unforgettable experience that I would recommend to anyone. Candia will ensure you receive a great experience and relaxed introduction into rotary flight.
Candia, Thank you for making my experience unforgettable.

Toby Farrar - Posted : 8th Sept 2011 *****

I had always wanted to fly a helicopter, and having a trial lesson bought for me by my Wife and family finally gave me the chance to do so. My instructor was Candia, who took me through a pre-flight briefing and then straight into the helicopter. Throughout the lesson Candia was calm, concise and very easy to learn from. I was pleasantly surprised by how much of the flight I was in complete control of the Helicopter. I’d imagined I would only get a small time at the controls but almost as soon as we were off he ground Candia was getting me used to the controls and letting me try them one by one. I had plenty of time to get used to a bit of level flight with some turns, and then a good go at hovering the machine (not easy, but exhilarating!).

It was all I could have hoped for from an hour in the air and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. I’m really glad I had a whole hour, I’m sure half an hour would still have been amazing, but having all that time gave me a real chance to get the feel of it. HeliFlight, and Candia in particular, made the experience smooth, safe and extremely enjoyable. My only problem now is trying to find the resources for a complete course!


Lee Symons - Posted : 2nd September 2011 *****

I arranged the flight as a surprise for my wife on our 10th wedding anniversary. We were given a very friendly welcome from a gentleman who was able to suggest a suitable route to fly over as we did not know the local area. The lady pilot soon made us feel at ease and pointed out many points of interest. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. My 8 year old daughter is now very keen to fly and we will definitely be making a return visit. This wonderful experience made our weekend.


Kerry Haines - Posted : 1st September 2011 *****

I can highly recommend this experience to anyone interested in flying or if you just want to try something new. I was given this experience as a Christmas present by my children (4 & 6) they accompanied me on the trip and they were made to feel very welcome in the lounge area and were able to walk out and sit in the helicopter I was going to fly. I felt very relaxed in the safe hands of Candia who explained everything clearly. I was given the opportunity to take over the controls and was taught to hover the plane. This was a truly unforgettable experience which I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you for a fantastic experience and for your hospitality.


Richard Inverne - Posted : 24 Aug 2011 *****

Excellent pre-flight briefing by Candia, a very confidence-inspiring pilot. Lovely flight with Candia reassuring me when necessary. I much enjoyed the lesson in hovering near the ground in the last few minutes. First-class trip in every way and highly recommended.


Johnny Morrison - Posted : 5 Aug 2011 ****

Heliflight provided a very friendly and professional service. I was greeted in a friendly manner and briefed about the flight. During the lesson, I was given lots of information and clear instructions. The flight itself was lots of fun and gave a very good idea of what heliflights are all about. Whilst its a fairly brief experience, I would recommend this to anyone who has ever wanted to try any form of flying.


Wayne Worlock - Posted : 1 Aug 2011 *****

This Helicopter flight experience was a present for my 40th birthday and I have to say that it was a an outstanding experience. Candia explained everything before we went up and re-assured me whilst up in the air. I felt completely safe at all times even when she let me have total control of the Helicopter. I now know what a bird feels like when it's up there, so free from everything. Marks out of 10 has to be a 10!! Thanks Candia


Abigal Stogdale - Posted : 29 Jun 2011 *****

I had a fantastic time with my lesson, and I can't imagine anything that could have been done to make it better. My instructor was brilliant and the aircraft was in immaculate condition. Thank you very much for the unforgettable experience.



Lesmond - Posted : 4 Jun 2011 *****

Given to me on my retirement by my colleagues and secretly with my wife's support. What an experience it was simply stunning in just thirty minutes it was the best it could have been, furthermore all the family enjoyed the day very courteous and professional. Would happily recommend this for a special treat truly marvellous.


J Paulett- Posted : 3 Jun 2011 *****

I had a trail lesson purchased for me by my girlfriend, after I mentioned that I'd be keen to see if I enjoyed rotary flight.

Prior to my flight I'd had phone contact with Heliflight, staff were helpful and professional. On the day of the flight, front of house staff were professional and accommodating; I certainly felt well treated.

During the pre-flight briefing, my instructor Candia gave me a clear overview of the basic principles of rotary flight, and overview of the role and function of the helicopters controls.

Candia's instruction throughout the 1hr flight was clear, and unambiguous, and I felt safe and encouraged, despite being a total novice. This is not to say that I didn't give myself a couple of scares!!!!, and I was wrecked afterwards - make no mistake, this is really hard, and fun, work!

This was a highly professional introduction to rotary flight, and I can say without reservation that this was an amazing experience, and one I hope to repeat!
J Paulett


Joan Smith - Posted : 25 May 2011 ****

My trial lesson was a 70th birthday present and my daughter couldn't have chosen a better gift. I was quite nervous but Candia put me at my ease and I was able to answer the questions I was asked during my briefing. It was a cold crisp day and we flew up over the Malvern Hills. They looked beautiful covered with a thin layer of snow. I took the controls twice with encouragement from Candia, it was a very thrilling experience. On our return I successfully held the craft in hover mode. My husband and granddaughter accompanied us, they also enjoyed the trip, my husband said that he felt very safe when I took the controls. I had great confidence in the company and the treatment that we received. It would be lovely to be able to afford more lessons with Heliflight.


Andy Russell - Posted : 24 May 2011 ****

Had this flight as a birthday present from friends so didn't purchase myself but I was very impressed by the quality of service offered and the help I received from my pilot Candia. I would recommend the half hour session I did as an introduction, got to see the countryside from 1000ft, fly and hover the helicopter. I would consider going back for another flight funds permitting.


Jon Birkett - Posted : 22 May 2011 ****

Packed a lot into the short 20-30 minute flight. It felt like the experience was customised to you as an individual rather than following a set formula. Would definitely recommend.


T. Atkins - Posted : 20 May 2011 *****

 had been bought this experience of a trial helicopter lesson as a 50th birthday present by my partner Marie, in my opinion .... Much better than a beer fuelled party that is easily forgotten!

I have to say truthfully that this was the best experience I have ever had, and will never forget it!
My instructor for the day was Jon Lane, (who has also taught some famous TV celebs... No names mentioned here but he told me!) who I found to be a very friendly, knowledgeable & professional pilot, he handled the R22 chopper we were in, like it was his drive to work car! (what a great job he has!)

After a pre flight briefing, the 40 min flight was much longer than I had expected, he let me take the controls in flight, but my nerves let me keep him in control!

I did however manage to hover and land (with his help) and take off again using the collective and compensating for the chopper's tendency to turn using the left tail rotor peddle.
Up to this point Jon was in control fully but this was the best bit for me as I could actually get a feel for the machine and then was totally spell bound by it!!
(all I kept saying was... "this is UNBELIEVABLE!!")

If I had bags of cash available... I'd be there every day taking lessons but, alas, the terminally skint can but dream!! lol but, at the end of the day this experience was worth every penny.

Highly and totally recommended In my opinion, nothing beats it.
Thanks for a great day Heliflight And special thanks to Jon Lane from me for making my 50th a day to remember (T. Aitkins)


Andrew Donnelly - Posted : 20 May 2011 *****

I booked a pleasure flight for my wife's birthday, which I felt was great value for money. Their pilot broke his leg two days before the flight, and given the importance of the day to me they did everything they could to make it happen and we had a great experience and will probably be back for a future experience.


Sarah Magalotti - Posted : 20 May 2011 *****

What a truly amazing helicopter experience. The pilot and company were very professional. As I have a fear of heights the pilot did his up most to put me at ease, eventually I was confident enough to take control. Would thoroughly recommend this company to all.


Steve Horgan - Posted : 20 May 2011 *****

I was bought a trial helicopter lesson for my birthday. The whole experience was amazing. The service was professional. I felt the staff I met were out to give me a first rate experience. The whole of the paid for time was spent in the helicopter and passed very fast. I recommend Heliflight for a trial Lesson.


Dan Porter-Brown - Posted : 20 May 2011 *****

I was bought a trial helicopter lesson for my 40th birthday. The fact that I've been obsessing about how to get a pilots licence for the three months since is an indication of how amazing the whole experience was.

The service was professional, expert and yet very personal. I felt at all times that the staff I met were focussed on ensuring my experience was first rate. I cannot recommend Heliflight highly enough.


Glen Hook - Posted : 20 May 2011 ***

I was bought a heliflight as a gift and I was disappointed as I felt the pilot saw my 20 min intro flight as an interruption to his day and he could be doing more important things. I appreciate that it may not be the reason he became a pilot, however its a service your company offer and one that should be fulfilled with some grace.




















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