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Please check the details of your selected Heliflight package and then enter the information requested below. Once you are happy to proceed to the next stage in the checkout process, click Next.

Package Details:

Package: Trial Lesson
Duration: 45 mins
Helicopter: R22
Max Participants: (not exceeding 16 st.)
Airport: Gloucestershire
Price: £220.00
Description: Whatís it like to fly a helicopter? Why not have a go? Your trial lesson with an experienced instructor gives you hands-on flying of a helicopter. Itís a fabulous experience and counts towards your flight training if you wanted to become a helicopter pilot at a later date.

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Additional Options:

I would like to print the voucher myself
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(£3.00 additional charge. Arrives in plain envelope.)
I would like to the voucher to be posted to a separate address
(£3.00 additional charge. Arrives in plain envelope.)

Heliflight Cap (£10.00)

Book: The Introductory Flying Lession (£8.00)
For most people the introductory flying lesson is the first time they have taken the controls and discovered the unique sensation of piloting a helicopter. For some it is just the start of their flying career, for others it is a once in a lifetime encounter, for all it will be an unforgettable experience. This will help you enjoy your experience more by describing in simple terms how a helicopter flies.

Add an air bear. Adorable helibears in a range of coloured jumpers emblazoned with the Heliflight logo. (£10.00)

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