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Pleasure Flights

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Cruising across the countryside in a helicopter is the ultimate way to travel. The views are tremendous with windows that are much bigger than an aeroplane. The wonderful thing, of course about a helicopter is that it can hover. This means that you can stop and take your time looking at things from the sky. On a Heliflight Pleasure flight your pilot is at your service. This is the ultimate way to travel and a pleasure flight is the ultimate way to experience the excitement of being in a helicopter. 

Where would you like to go?  Heliflight offer standard thirty, forty five and sixty minute flights, so you can choose the length of flight to suit you. Perhaps you might want to fly over your house give us a call to see if this is possible.  There’s also a choice of three types of helicopter depending on how many people you want to come with you.

When you arrive at Heliflight relax in the lounge while we prepare your helicopter. Your pilot will talk to you about the flight, what you’ll fly over and are likely to see. You’ll also be given tips to keep you safe and comfortable while you’re flying.  

Stepping into the helicopter you’ll put on headphones so you can talk to your pilot and your fellow passengers. Listen to the engine start up and see the blades slowly to start to turn. Listen to them pick up speed ready to take off. Listen to your pilot talk to air traffic control and check the helicopter is ready to go. Now your sitting comfortably it’s time to take off. The helicopter rises vertically from the ground to a gentle hover. It’s the greatest feeling. Now you’re picking up speed and soaring into the air, turning to leave the airport behind you, you’re on your way.  With time to enjoy the tremendous views your pilot will point out interesting landmarks on the way. If you want a closer look: no problem. Your pilot can hover over the top of whatever takes your fancy.


Remember to bring your camera because you can take some spectacular pictures from the cockpit of a helicopter. You’ll probably be surprised how green the countryside looks from the air and of course you’ll want a picture of your house if that’s your chosen destination.


Now you’re heading back to the airport and soon descending to a gentle hover over the tarmac. Listen out for air traffic control as your pilot gets permission to land. If you also listen carefully you can hear the rotors making different noises as you descend. After hovering over the tarmac, the helicopter settles back down on the ground. Watch the rotors slow and come to a stop, then step out and take some photographs to remind you of your pleasure flight and the ultimate way to travel.   


Pleasure flights are available in a four seater Robinson R44 helicopter or a five Seater Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter.


Below R44 helicopter


Below B206 Helicopter

Our Commercial Air Transport flights are conducted under H H Helicopters AOC GB2346

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