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Experience Flights

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The world looks different from the cockpit of a helicopter. It’s a very special experience from the excitement on the ground to the moment you step into the cabin. Heliflight offer three different experience flights, all in a helicopter with a jet engine.


Five Minute Experience Flight

A five minute flight is a thrill a minute. Walking across the tarmac and climbing into the helicopter, you’re ready to go. Your first thrill is the lift-off as you leave the ground, followed quickly by the sensation of hovering gracefully. Then you’re off! Speeding across the ground and souring into the air like a bird. Within seconds you’re travelling at over 80 miles an hour and then banking smoothly. Hear your pilot talking to air traffic control as you start coming back down to hover again gracefully over the tarmac. Settling back on the ground you’ve landed and will be smiling from ear to ear.


Experience a five minute flight for just £35.00 per passenger.


Ten Minute Experience Flight


You’ll get a good look at the countryside with a ten minute experience flight. After you’re seated comfortably in the cockpit of the helicopter listen to the rotor blades as they increase in speed ready to lift off. Feel the helicopter rise vertically into the air and hover just five feet off the ground: amazing! Then you’re off, watch the ground below you as you climb into the air. Travelling at over 80 miles an hour, you’re soon looking at the countryside below you as your pilot points out local landmarks. Now you’re turning back to the airport. Listen to the pilot talking to air traffic control as you prepare to land. Feel the helicopter glide smoothly towards the ground slowing to a graceful hover before settling back onto the tarmac. It’s a flight you’ll remember for a long time. Don’t forget to bring your camera.


Experience a 10 minute flight for £65 per passenger.


Fifteen Minute Tour


Experience the speed at which a helicopter can whisk people to their destinations. In fact you’ll fly some ten miles from the airport to take in some breath-taking views of the surrounding countryside. Sat comfortably in the helicopter you’ll hear the rotor blades turning ready to lift off. Then you’re hovering five foot off the ground and souring into the air. Feel the helicopter turn gently as you gather speed. Leaving the airport you accelerate to over 100 miles an hour. Relax as you watch the countryside roll by beneath you and take some time to photograph the landmarks your pilot is pointing out through the cockpit windows. Now you’re heading back to the airport. Listen to your pilot talk to air traffic control before gliding towards the ground. Then the helicopter comes to a graceful hover above the tarmac before settling back on the ground.  If you want to experience the ultimate way to travel and get a host of great photographs this flight experience is for you.


Experience a 15 minute tour for £95 per passenger.


We look forward to introducing you to the exciting world of helicopter travel.


Our Commercial Air Transport flights are conducted under London Helicopter Centres AOC number GB 2250

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